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Frequently Asked Questions

What is titletec T21 license?

TitleTec is granting the Dealership a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use TitleTec’s t21 software (the “Software”) at a certain designated location. The Licensee may not copy the Software or any hard copies of documents related to the Software except as instructed by TitleTec.

What does T21 stand for?

By signing this form, I authorize Title Technologies, Inc (hereinafter "TitleTec") to initiate t21 (Title Automation) electronic debit entries from a checking or savings account indicated below at the financial institution identified below. I understand that payments for fees and taxes

How does titletec ensure the security of the Access Software?

Access is governed through a variety of security measures and TitleTec intends Licensee’s use of the Software pursuant to this MOU to be in compliance with, 16 C.F.R Part 314, commonly referred to as the Federal Trade Commission Safe- guard Rules.

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