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Frequently Asked Questions

Does TMC Transportation have a CDL program?

TMC, like many companies offering company-sponsored CDL training, considers their program less of a school with students and more like on-the-job training, an apprenticeship. TMC Transportation trains you to drive a truck, and in return, you work for them for at least one year.

What is Class A driver training at TMC?

TMC's Class A driver training is one of the few on-the-job truck driver training programs in the country - approved by the Department of Labor as a certified Heavy Truck Driver Apprenticeship program. TMC's in-house CDL Training is a three week program that educates you in all the basics required to obtain a Class A license.

What license do I need to drive for TMC?

Drivers who work for TMC must obtain a Class A Commercial Driver's License. Obtaining your Class A CDL is a great investment, whether you attend TMC's in-house Class A CDL Certification program or through your local CDL school.

What is Class A CDL training like?

Our Class A CDL training starts off with rules and regulations of truck driving and then moves forward to basic and advanced maneuver training for truck driving. All of the skills learned in our CDL class are necessary for continuing a career in CDL truck driving. Get the training you need today from Global CDL Trucking.

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