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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of company is toll Logistics Asia?

Toll Logistics Asia Ltd Toll Logistics (Asia) Limited provides logistics services. The Company offers logistics services relating to warehousing and storage, freight forwarding, heavy lift and haulage, cargo consolidation and distribution, marine transportation, procurement, project, and mining logistics. Toll Logistics serves customers worldwide.

How many locations does Toll Group have in the world?

With over 130 years’ experience, and a network spanning 50 countries, 1,200 locations and 40,000 people, we have the scale - and smarts - to solve any logistics, transport or supply chain challenge. At Toll, we do more than just logistics. We move the businesses that move the world.

Is the Toll Group part of Japan Post?

From the nascent beginnings… With over 125 years’ experience, Toll Group, proudly part of Japan Post, operates an extensive global logistics network across 1,200 locations in more than 50 countries.

Why did Toll Group want to sell Express?

Toll said the move will allow the company to focus on its strengths in Asia Pacific, particularly in contract logistics and freight forwarding.

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