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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Toll Group work in New Zealand?

Using our national rail, road and sea multi-modal transport services, backed by the global resources and networks of the Toll Group, we can deliver your parcel or freight anywhere within New Zealand or around the world. We can also move your car and relocate or store your household and office contents.

Where is the toll Tranz Link in New Plymouth?

Toll Tranz Link from New Plymouth is involved with the subcategory Transportation (Distribution). Other areas of interest include such as high-speed rail, transhippers, cross-trade providers, hub ports or inland waterways. Toll Tranz Link is based at Smart Road, Glen Avon, New Plymouth, Taranaki, 4372.

How big is the toll warehouse in New Plymouth?

The new facility’s 1700 sqm warehouse, and 500 sqm canopy, is five times the size of the previous New Plymouth depot. The centre’s increased capacity enables Toll’s New Plymouth team to process three times the amount of freight than the previous centre, ensuring Toll can keep pace with the growing e-commerce demands.

Where are the offices of the Toll Group?

Headquartered in New York, our teams of freight management and supply chain experts operate a network of strategically located logistics offices and facilities stretching from Atlanta, Carteret, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles*, Louisville, Miami, New York, and San Francisco *Carson, San Pedro, and Mira Loma are in the greater Los Angeles area.

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