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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cage for Tomatoes?

The tomato cage method for staking tomatoes is the best way to stake tomatoes in a medium to large size garden with plenty of storage space. It also allows the plants to grow without having to prune the tomatoes.

How do you build a tomato cage?

To construct a cage, build two tomato “ladders,” with three rungs and a brace to stabilize the sides against strong winds. Connect the two ladders at the top with a piece of scrap wood, which you can easily remove to fold the ladders for storage at the end of the season.

Is it better to stake or cage Tomatoes?

When tied to the stakes, the cages are much more stable and will support the tomatoes better. If you choose to stake your tomatoes rather than cage them, just remember to tie the stems to the stake a little loosely and with material that will not dig into the stem of the plant.

What size tomato Cage do I Need?

It needs to be at least 4-5 feet tall and at least 18 inches in diameter. Additionally, the wire should be strong enough to support 8-10 pounds without bending or collapsing. The cage should be installed when the tomato plant is about 12 inches tall.

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