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Frequently Asked Questions

What to eat at Tomatoes in Margate NJ?

Tomatoes Margate continues to excellent diverse culinary offerings! They have excellent sushi combinations, always freshly prepared and creative combinations. Their seafood menu features Huli Huli salmon served over coconut rice and edamame ( my personal favorite!).

How many dining rooms are there at tomatoe's?

Tomatoe's offers exquisite California cuisine complimented by an extensive wine list in a warmly welcoming setting. A sophisticated bar scene makes Tomatoes the perfect spot to spend an evening. The restaurant has 3 dining rooms. Two can be closed for privacy.

Can you make a same day reservation at Tomatoes?

I made a same day reservation at Tomatoes for 5:15. Reservations are secured with a credit card, ok, no big deal. I checked the menu on line and discovered that they didn't have the Euro Chicken that I usually order. I went back to my...

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