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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of tools of the mind?

History. The Tools of the Mind curriculum began in 1993, when Dr. Elena Bodrova and Dr. Deborah Leong began working together in early childhood classrooms to improve children’s ability to learn, and teach educators new techniques for working with children.

What is tools of the mind for kids?

Language and Communication: Tools of the Mind® consistently promotes research-based teaching practices to support children's language and communication skills. The curriculum provides ongoing opportunities for rich oral language experiences based on topics interesting and relevant to young children (e.g., family, pets, grocery store).

What are tools of the mind® interactions?

Interactions That Extend Children's Learning: Throughout all learning activities and in its introductory materials, Tools of the Mind® provides specific guidance on how to extend children's play, exploration, and communication.

Does tools of the mind® curriculum work?

Solomon and colleagues found that, overall, children in Tools of the Mind® classrooms had similar outcomes as children in comparison classrooms that used a different play-based curriculum. However, they did find a positive effect on one of the measures of self-regulation for children who had high initial levels of hyperactivity.

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