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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Top Gear so good?

The bits that make Top Gear so good are the freedom to do whatever, no real script, the willingness to do odd things and just a real, general love and appreciation for all things motoring. I don’t like saying the word hate much but I just hate U.S. Top Gear… It tries too hard and takes itself too seriously.

Who dies in Top Gear?

Top Gear racing driver dead after battle with motor neurone disease. TV race star Neil Cunningham has died aged 52. The professional driver, who appeared in Top Gear and was once rumoured to be The Stig himself, has died following a long battle with motor neurone disease.

What happened to Top Gear?

The BBC television show Top Gear has had one hell of a year. After presenter Jeremy Clarkson got into an on-set scuffle with a producer, he was suspended, and then fired from the popular car show, which launched Top Gear (and the BBC) into a series of controversies, speculations and general confusion.

Is Top Gear USA cancelled?

Top Gear USA has been cancelled, the BBC has confirmed. The programme, broadcast on the History channel in the US, is a spin-off from the popular motoring series and not the version shown in the UK starring Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans.

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