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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best selling manga of all time?

A look at the best selling manga all time telling you all you need to know about the popularity of One Piece. As of May 3rd of this year, the Elichiro Oda penned manga sits comfortably on the top spot. In 77 collected volumes, the manga has sold a collective 380 million copies worldwide. Number 2 is the original Dragon Ball series.

Who is one manga artist?

One (manga artist) One (stylized as ONE) is the pseudonym of a Japanese manga artist, best known for his webcomic series One-Punch Man, which was later remade as a digital manga illustrated by Yusuke Murata.

What is a manga wikipedia?

Manga Wiki focuses on Japanese art in general, not just Manga-comics. In this wiki, Manga is used to refer to that style of art. Anime is also found here. So are articles about manga and anime artists, voice actors, publishing companies, toys and other related merchandise, and anything else someone can think to add.

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