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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the dance of topeng come from?

It has its origins in the 17th century. Topeng dances are most prevalent in Bali and Java but are also found in other Indonesian islands such as Madura (off the coast of East Java). The word “topeng” means mask in Indonesian. The dance is accompanied by gamelan music.

What does the mask in topeng dance mean?

Topeng is a spectacular variety of mask’s dance by which a number of mask wearing and ornately costumed entertainers translate traditional stories regarding legendary of heroes, myths and kings combined with traditional gamelan music. The masked dance symbolize of Hindu and Buddhist affects.

What does the term topeng mean in Indonesian?

The term topeng is the Javanese word for " mask " or "dance-drama that use mask". In modern daily Javanese and Indonesian vocabulary, tari topeng or "topeng dance" refer to dance or dance-drama performance that use mask.

What kind of costumes do topeng dancers wear?

The costumes for topeng dance are based on the male characters of the classical gambuh dance drama, known as “Sesaputan”. This basic costume is composed of several pieces of cloth worn in layers.

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