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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the mask in topeng dance mean?

Topeng is a spectacular variety of mask’s dance by which a number of mask wearing and ornately costumed entertainers translate traditional stories regarding legendary of heroes, myths and kings combined with traditional gamelan music. The masked dance symbolize of Hindu and Buddhist affects.

Which is the most sacred mask in topeng?

In the one-man topeng the final mask is usually the smilingly grotesque Sidha Karya (the one who fulfils the task). It is a good example of the typically Balinese way of combining the grotesquely comic with the sacred. The mask of Sidha Karya, with its white face, buckteeth and almost mad smile, is actually the most sacred of all topeng masks.

What does the term topeng mean in Indonesian?

The term topeng is the Javanese word for " mask " or "dance-drama that use mask". In modern daily Javanese and Indonesian vocabulary, tari topeng or "topeng dance" refer to dance or dance-drama performance that use mask.

How many topeng masks can an actor have?

An actor can have about 40 Topeng masks that are only his and it is believed that there is a special kind of bond between the actor and his mask that allows him to infuse life in it and represent a wide specter of emotions through it.

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