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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specifications of a topens pw502 gate opener?

Specifications 1 Product Model: PW502 Gate Opener 2 Motor Voltage: DC 24V 3 Motor Power: 50W 4 Rated Current: 2A 5 Actuator Speed: 0.63 in/s (16 mm/s) 6 Max. Actuator Travel: 15.1” (385 mm) 7 Gate Opening/Closing Time: approx. 15 seconds 8 Max. Opening Angle: 90° - 110° depends on the installation mode

What do you need to know about a topens gate opener?

Only TOPENS authorized remotes and wireless accessories can control the gate opener, additionally there is a soft stop and start feature as well as auto close option and adjustable obstruction sensitivity. And in case of a power outage, you can still open your gate thanks to the manual release key.

How big is a topens single Swing Gate?

The TOPENS A5 is a perfect medium duty single swing gate opener that is ideal for gates up to 16 feet high and 550 lbs weight. Like the two models above it has the DC 24V motor that assures low power consumption and high efficiency.

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