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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the topens AS3 gate opener a good product?

All users value a good customer service, and TOPENS offers one and cares if you are happy with their product. The AS3 is easy to install if you are a bit handy and very practical to use. The additional features and adjustments are a nice touch and the remote works at a fairly good distance. The product does the job properly.

How big is a topens single Swing Gate?

The TOPENS A5 is a perfect medium duty single swing gate opener that is ideal for gates up to 16 feet high and 550 lbs weight. Like the two models above it has the DC 24V motor that assures low power consumption and high efficiency.

Is there warranty on topens gate openers?

There are 4 ways of powering TOPENS A3S gate opener and for your convenience they are illustrated below. If your gate is a queen, then TOPENS A3S would most certainly be a crown that fits perfectly. Sure, the warranty is only 12 months, but the customer support is there for you at all times.

What kind of wire is topens gate opener made out of?

As the model above, the DC motor is made out of pure copper wire with the strength of 24V. It is efficient, gives a lower power consumption, greater torque and very low working sound which is less than 50 db. The die-casting Aluminum arm guarantees durability and long operating life, and the control box is waterproof.

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