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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nordstrom sell Topman jeans?

Topman is a top-selling men's clothing line from British brand Topshop. Nordstrom offers the latest Topman jeans and shirts—plus hip suit jackets and pants—for confident guys who like their clothes to convey some edge and attitude. And beyond Topman, there's a world of quality men's clothing brands awaiting you at Nordstrom.

Is Topman a good website to order from?

Topman website made it easy to order and received my package as promised. I’m glad I gave it a fair chance - excellent quality clothing too. Ordered on January 10. They said they sent my order the 19, I received a dpd tracking number, and then asendia (not dpd) sent me an email to ask for 10£ of import duties (I live in the EU).

What is your experience with Topman sales?

Generally with Topman items went into the sale and stayed there until they were all sold and often reduced price multiple times which was sometimes a good thing and other times annoying when you had just bought it thinking its the best price in the sale currently Very positive experience! 5 Stars!

How do I check if a Topman parcel has been returned?

All Topman need to do it use my details and order number to check to see if the items has been returned without evidence of drop off my side. If you have the parcel there is your evidence but no they are refusing and show no empathy at all and do not want to help.

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