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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nordstrom sell Topman jeans?

Topman is a top-selling men's clothing line from British brand Topshop. Nordstrom offers the latest Topman jeans and shirts—plus hip suit jackets and pants—for confident guys who like their clothes to convey some edge and attitude. And beyond Topman, there's a world of quality men's clothing brands awaiting you at Nordstrom.

How much does Topman 'fits cost?

Casual cool 'fits, plus the classic cuts you know and love. Your Topman 'fits delivered next-day for a year, for just £9.95! Your Topman 'fits delivered next-day for a year, for just £9.95! WHO ARE WE?

Is Topman owned by ASOS?

Now officially part of the ASOS brand family, Topman ticks all the boxes with its range of easy-to-wear, on-trend clothing, shoes and accessories.

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