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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is topmaniac in Super Mario Galaxy?

Topmaniac is the leader of the Topman tribe in the Battlerock Galaxy. He had his return in Dreadnought Galaxy. Topmaniac appears as a boss in Super Mario Galaxy . The character is a Topman with spikes coming out of him. He's also the boss on other locations as well. Mario can find Topmaniac in Battlerock Galaxy and Dreadnought Galaxy .

What is the weakness of topmaniac?

Despite his rough exterior, Topmaniac is a pushover. However, unlike his minions, this guy has spikes on his side which will hurt you. However, he also has a glaring weakness: the huge red button on his head which causes the spikes to retract when jumped on.

How do you fight the topmaniac in Genshin Impact?

Make your way topside and then head up the steps to the arena where you’ll face Topmaniac. Like most of the boss fights, the Topmaniac will have three phases. During the first one, there will only be the Topmaniac and a few Topminis.

How many times do you have to hit topmaniac to beat him?

In this battle, Mario must hit Topmaniac three times, each time getting harder, to finally knock it out and win the battle. This format is seen in many of the Super Mario Galaxy bosses. The location of the battle is an arena with electric barriers on the side for Mario to hit if he gets blasted off to the side.

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