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Frequently Asked Questions

What is torque and why does it matter?

Torque is the turning power of an engine, most typically measured in pound-feet. In a car, torque plays a big role in how well a vehicle can accelerate, as well as handle in more adverse conditions. A vehicle with a higher torque rating typically will perform better in heavy mud or snow.

What is the best way to define torque?

In physics, torque is simply the tendency of a force to turn or twist . Different terminologies such as moment or moment of force are interchangeably used to describe torque. Torque can be either be static or dynamic. Static torque is a torque that does not produce an angular acceleration. A few examples of static torque are as follows:

What is the true importance of torque?

The Importance Of Torque Besides knowing what is torque in a car, we also need to know the importance of it. Not only torque is important for speed , torque is also important for heavier and larger cars. A small city car can easily go along with low torque, whereas a big SUV or a van needs more to make it begin moving or keep it cruising.

What factors affect torque?

Torque is related to bolt tightness, but many additional factors – such as friction – combined into a single “nut factor” can have a significant impact on the relationship of torque to the tightness of the bolted joint.

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