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Frequently Asked Questions

What is torus palatinus and what causes it?

Palatal tori or Torus Palatinus are bony growths that emerge on the hard palate and they tend to increase in size as one ages or due to hereditary factors. Although the cause of torus palatinus hasn’t yet been established, scientists believe they are due to genetic influences.

What does torus mean in Latin?

In Latin the word “torus” means bull, lump, or to stand out” so because the lumps can have a large bulbous shape is why it is called torus palatinus. It is not a life-threatening medical condition but if it is a serious case it could require medical attention. The growths are solid and cannot be moved by your finger.

What causes tori in mouth?

If you do have mouth tori, it is usually not a problem. The development of tori is usually caused by your genetics. But there have been some studies that attributed tori development to stress in the jawbone usually caused by excessive clenching or grinding of the teeth.

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