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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a torus energy field?

Every atom, cell, animal, planet, person, planetoid, and even the galaxy itself, is at the core, a torus. These forms are easily recognizable in many of nature’s most powerful and simple creations. Whirl-pools and tornados; apples and tree trunks, the Earth, Sun and entire galaxy; are all examples of the torus energy field.

What is a torus and how does it work?

The torus has a central axis, vortices at each end, and a surrounding energy field – in other words, it’s shaped like a dynamic donut. The energy flows through one vortex, moves along the axis, and out the second vortex, wrapping back around the circumference and passing through the original vortex again.

What is the axis of the torus?

The axis of the field passes through the crown of the head and out the center of the groin. The strength of the field is directly related to the vitality of the person it surrounds. Each person’s torus in unique but also open to interconnecting with the fields of others.

What is a toroidal field in physics?

The toroidal field is like an energy field which is donut-shaped (hence the shape of a toroid). It is an energy field and can be used to model how energy moves in its most balanced dynamic process. Toroidal fields are everywhere, from hurricanes to tornadoes to magnetic fields around stars and other celestial bodies.

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