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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of games do Torus Games make?

Torus has released titles on every popular platform since the original Game Boy. These games include sports, racing, first person shooters, children’s entertainment, platformers and more recently research and educational titles.

Who is the Managing Director of Torus Games?

The Managing Director is Bill McIntosh. With the company being a family business. They'd begin developing their first game in 1994, a Game Boy and Game Gear game based on the film Stargate, published by Acclaim Entertainment. Torus has released over 120 titles. Torus has a single, scalable cross-platform game engine.

What are the keys for falling blocks in torus?

Use the arrow keys to guide the falling blocks, spacebar and the up-arrow will rotate the block in opposite directions. Alternatively the keys A,W,S and D can be used as arrow keys for the same purpose. When a complete horizontal ring of 15 blocks is occupied by pieces the row will collapse and earn 100 points.

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