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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes torus mandibularis causes?

The direct cause of a torus mandibularis is unknown although it is believed that genetics play a prominent role. Teeth grinding and hard chewing (masticatory stress) or clenching the teeth are also possible contributing factors.

What causes tori in mouth?

Tori can be caused by a misaligned or off-balance TMJ as with TMJ disorder, the jaw joint is put under an increased amount of stress and tension. Because those with TMJ often have a closed mouth position that torques the jaw, the body unconsciously tries to realign the jaw.

What causes torus in mouth?

Researchers aren’t exactly sure what causes torus palatinus, but they strongly suspect it may have a genetic component such that a person with torus palatinus might pass the condition on to their children. Other possible causes include: Diet.

What causes dental Tori?

What Causes Dental Tori. If you have ever noticed a bump on the inside of your mouth near where your teeth connect to your jawbone, you may have a dental torus. The technical term is a torus mandibularis—the plural is tori. Even so, they’re normally harmless, and many people don’t even realize they have them.

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