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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes torus mandibularis causes?

The direct cause of a torus mandibularis is unknown although it is believed that genetics play a prominent role. Teeth grinding and hard chewing (masticatory stress) or clenching the teeth are also possible contributing factors.

What causes dental torus?

Causes Genetics play a part in who will develop tori. Women, as well as people from Asian and Native American descent, are more likely to develop them. Stresses on teeth. A torus can result over time due to excessive teeth grinding and clenching.

What causes Tori bone growth in mouth?

It is believed that tori are caused by several factors but there is not one thing that always causes tori. They may be associated with bruxism or tooth clenching and grinding however no. The size of the tori may fluctuate throughout life but they do tend to get bigger over time.

What causes tori in mouth?

Tori can be caused by a misaligned or off-balance TMJ as with TMJ disorder, the jaw joint is put under an increased amount of stress and tension. Because those with TMJ often have a closed mouth position that torques the jaw, the body unconsciously tries to realign the jaw.

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