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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose torus electrical/power?

Our mission at Torus Electrical/Power is to provide the highest quality of service at a fair price while following the highest safety standards. Our vision is to become a recognized industry leader by demonstrating expertise, reliability, and proficiency in the power industry.

What does tot mean in torus power?

Merriam-Webster's 11th Collegiate Dictionary defines tot as "1: a small child: TODDLER; 2: a small drink or allowance of liquor: SHOT." Torus Power used it to name their compact line of toroidal power conditioners.

Who makes torus power AVRS?

As the review progressed, I became aware of the TOT AVR's considerable strengths—as well as its limits. The parent company of Torus Power is Plitron (footnote 1), a 30-year-old Toronto company that builds power-supply transformers for Bryston, Krell, Mark Levinson, and Pass Labs amplifiers.

Why connect audio to a torus power isolation transformer?

Connect audio equipment to a Torus Power Isolation Transformer and it comes alive – with more dynamics, improved imaging, and cleaner, enhanced bass. Video is crisper, with darker blacks, and brighter Colors.

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