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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fracture occurs when bone breaks under normal strain?

A greenstick fracture occurs when a weakened bone breaks under normal strain, usually due to bones being weakened by osteoporosis.

Can an adult have a buckle fracture?

Buckle fractures don't occur in adults because the adult bone is less elastic. A child's bone can withstand some deforming force, and therefore these incomplete fractures can occur. Adult bone is more like a porcelain plate that when it fails it cracks all the way through. How Are Broken Bones in Kids Different?

What does type of fracture completely break a bone?

A complete fracture is a condition of broken bones into two or more parts. Complete fractures are further divided into: Single fracture, which is when the bone in one part of the body is broken into two parts Comminuted fracture , i.e. when a bone is broken or crushed into three or more parts

Is a transverse fracture a fracture straight across the bone?

A transverse fracture occurs straight across the bone. Diagnosis and Treatment Options Your doctor will perform a physical evaluation and order imaging studies (like an X-ray or MRI) to determine the type and severity of your fracture. Your treatment will be based on where the fracture is located and how severe the damage is.

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