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Who was the fan who caused the crash in the Tour de France?

French authorities are looking for the cyclist fan who caused a bloody crash Saturday during the Tour de France — an incident punishable by up to a year behind bars — as the race’s organizers plan to sue the clueless sign-brandishing spectator, according to reports.

Who was the woman who caused the Tour de France pileup?

The Tour de France has withdrawn a lawsuit against a spectator who caused a massive pileup during the first stage of the race, organizers told Reuters on Thursday. The spectator, a 30-year-old French woman, was in custody at a police station in Landerneau ...

Why did Tony Martin crash in the Tour de France?

During the race, Tony Martin crashed into the sign, sending him to the ground, which caused other riders to crash. The derailment caused damage to bikes and several injuries to riders. Filed under tour de france, 6/27/21

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