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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does stage 10 of the Tour de France start?

Tuesday 6 July - The Tour de France heads south in stage 10. The race sets off from Albertville to move through the valleys of the Isère and Rhône and finish in Valence. Flat route of 190.7 kilometres. Virtually every year Albertville hosts a peloton of pro-riders.

Is the Tour de France in France in 2021?

France and Principality of Andorra will be on the menu of the 108th edition of the Tour. In France, 9 regions and 31 departments will be visited. In 2021, there will be two individual timetrial stages which hadn’t occurred since 2017.

Where are the time trials in the Tour de France?

Like in 2018, there are two time-trials on the menu: by teams for stage 2, Bruxelles Palais Royal > Brussel Atomium on a distance of 27kms individual for stage 13 in Pau on a distance of 27kms. It’ll be on Friday the 19th of July, a date that marks the 100th anniversary of the Yellow Jersey.

What are the new climbs in the Tour de France?

In the following order of appearance: Alps, Massif central, Pyrenees, Jura and Vosges. There will be four new climbs: Col de la Lusette and Suc au May in the Massif central, Col de la Hourcère in the Pyrenees and Col de la Loze in the Alps as well as the one to the Col de la Madeleine by a sinuous road.

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