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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tournamenttourney machine?

Tourney Machine, by SportsEngine, is a faster and more intuitive way to schedule and run your tournaments and leagues.

What is “tourney AI”?

“Tourney AI” mode allows Tourney AI Bot to create, launch, and operate tournaments on its own! ** Note that this mode will only be available to server admins. Other roles with tournament permission will not have access to this mode. ** Only bracket mode games are available for AI mode. (ie. PUBG M, Free Fire excluded) 1.

How do I Change my tournament settings?

In “Customize Tournament” page, scroll to the very bottom and select Advanced Settings. Prompt will ask you to confirm this action. Simply select Proceed. 4.

How do I create a tournament?

From your main menu on the left, click on “Create Tournament” button 2. From Tournament Templates page, find a game that you want to create tournament for and click Customize.

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