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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the format of the USA premier baseball tournament?

Call Si Pettrow 714-292-6936 [email protected] 3 Game Guarantee - bracket play. Format: 3 Game Guarantee - 6 Inning Games - Pool Play with Top teams advance to a single elimination playoff. Format: 3 Game Guarantee / 7 Inning Games - Considered a Showcase Tournament and does not have a championship. Wood Bat. Open Roster.

Which is the best way to schedule tournaments?

Tourney Machine, by SportsEngine, is a faster and more intuitive way to schedule and run your tournaments and leagues.

Where can I find NCS Baseball Tournament dates?

NCS is a network of the best youth sports event organizations across the country that provide the best youth sports events there is to offer for your baseball & fastpitch teams. All XDS Baseball event dates will be listed on the NCS California events list page.

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