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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose tourney machine?

We serve tournaments, from large to small! Contact us now for pricing for your tournament. Schedule like a champion. We get it. Scheduling is hard . Tourney Machine, by SportsEngine, is a faster and more intuitive way to schedule and run your tournaments and leagues.

What kind of tournaments can I create?

You can create tournaments for multipurpose uses. For example, chess, football and TV games. Only you need select which player win. So everyone can use this. 3 type tournament Rating, Round robin, Brackets Round-robin tournament - Each teams play a game with every other teams once or more than twice.

How do I create my own tournament brackets?

Create it online and use it to print or publish online. Do you want to create your own custom tournament brackets? Follow these steps and create them with the online editor Edit and personalize the bracket (colors, typography, logos...) It is done!

What is the bracket maker?

Bracket HQ's bracket maker allows you to make a bracket of any size and properly seed all participants.

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