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Frequently Asked Questions

What is selftour GPS guided audio adventure tours?

SelfTour GPS guided audio adventure tours is the newest and most complete and fun way to take individual tours of key tourist locations around the world. All the information comes to you on your smartphone or tablet via our SelfTour App.

How do I listen to the audio on the tour?

The audio comes directly to your ear buds or car stereo system. Play it Again! If you missed something in the audio description, or didn’t understand the directions, no problem! Simply touch the position on the phone or tablet map and it will play again. The tours are fun.

What can I expect from a deluxe tour?

En tant que visiteur Deluxe, vous pourrez également expérimenter les effets d’une “chambre verte” comme le ferait une célébrité, jusqu’à une demi-heure avant le début du tour. QU’ALLEZ-VOUS VOIR ?

What is qualqu’allez-vous voir?

QU’ALLEZ-VOUS VOIR ? For the first time ever, the infamous Gotham City institution for the criminally insane is constructed on the Warner Bros. backlot, where fans will come face-to-face with the iconic and unhinged characters from WB Games’ Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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