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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an Art Society in Townsville Australia?

T he Townsville Art Society has held an annual or biannual Arts exhibition since its inception, and The Townsville Art Society’s Awards Exhibition is now a major exhibition in the cultural life of the City.

When does the Townsville Eisteddfod start in 2021?

2021 Contest Dates Announced The 71st Townsville Eisteddfod 2021, will be run between the dates of 7th September 2021 and 25th September 2021. Stay tuned for further updates. 01/05/2020

Where can I buy Doo Town art supplies?

Caring for you, our customers, and helping you with your creative ideas is very important to us at Doo Town. At Doo Town, you can shop online for Art Supplies whenever you want. Simply click on the image and you will discover more information about these products.

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