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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are crime rates so high in Townsville?

Crime statistics show a large contributor to high crime rates in Townsville are drug offences, which have increased 162% in the 15 years to 2019. The Griffith University criminologist Tarah Hodgkinson says this probably reflects a change to policing strategy, rather than a raw increase in drug crime.

Is it safe to travel to Townsville Australia?

Townsville is a reasonably safe city if you are vigilant. Keeping an eye on your belongings and carefully closing your car and housing are a must in this city. Choose a taxi if you return to the hotel late at night.

Which is the second most dangerous city in Australia?

Townsville was also named on the list as Australia’s second most dangerous city, coming in at number 65 on the list. The Crime Index for Townsville was 59.26, which is considered “moderate” and less than one point below “high”.

Who is the Townsville Police District Community Safety Officer?

Mundingburra attacked by kindness and cupcakes! This is the last week to have your say in the crime and community safety survey. Townsville Police District is interested to hear how you… Meet proud Kamilaroi woman, loving dog mum and general duties officer, Constable Tamika Clarke. She was born and raised on Dharawal Country on the South…

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