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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any good newspapers in Townsville QLD?

Yes, the same folk who have supported your newspaper for 135 year, just to look at online content. Well this is just greedy. You don't fleece people who are doing it tough!!

What's the latest rugby union news from Townsville?

AUSSIE RULES Trading the basketball for the Sherrin has been a seamless transition for a University ace, and he proved it in a fiery triumph over Northern Beaches. RUGBY UNION All the latest updates and news from the Townsville and District Rugby Union here.

Who was killed in the car crash in Townsville?

A man has died after his motorcycle was involved in a crash with the mayor of Townsville's car this morning. A North Queensland newsagent was forced to rely on his martial arts skills when two wannabe thieves targeted him during his paper run. An ATM has been stolen from a Townsville shopping centre by a person driving a front-end loader.

What are the names of the local newspapers in Queensland?

Beaches, Orkabie, Pleystowe, Proserpine, Rockhampton, Sarina, Seaforth, Shoal Point, Slade Point, South Mackay, St Lawrence, Tieri, Townsville, Walkerston, West Mackay)

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