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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of stores are there in Townsville?

Townsville has a range of shopping centres incorporating department stores, discount and fashion outlets, a range of specialty stores and supermarkets. For more information on Townsville's main shopping centres, visit the latest Google listing for locations.

What are the best things to do on weekends in Townsville, Australia?

There are a number of shopping malls and plazas in Townsville where you can visit department stores, spaciality shops, boutiques and cafés. Cotters Market at Flinders Mall (open on Sundays) is also very popular weekend shopping spot. Flinders Street Mall.

Where is the city of Townsville in Australia?

Townsville is located about 350 kilometres (218 miles) south of Cairns and 1,350 kilometres (839 miles) north of Brisbane.

Where are the Stockland stores located in Townsville?

Stockland Townsville is located in Townsville , Queensland, QLD 4814. Stockland Townsville offers more than 193 stores and other services such as cinemas or restaurants. Get information about opening hours, store list directions with map and GPS. Stockland Townsville is located on address 310-330 Ross River Rd, Townsville , Queensland, QLD 4814.

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