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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Townsville Entertainment and Convention Centre do?

The Townsville Entertainment & Convention Centre plays host to a variety of events including concerts, public and trade exhibitions, conferences, gala banquets and sporting events. The Townsville Entertainment & Convention Centre is a versatile facility in northern Australia.

Which is the best play to see in Townsville?

Presented by Townsville Little Theatreby Catherine McKernan Doris.Encompassing both comedic and dark elements and centring on the matriarch of the family unit, this play is set in ... The obscenely intelligent, beautifully filthy, and rib-crackingly funny Reuben Kaye is coming to Townsville in an explosion of high camp & filthy humour.

Which is the only event of its kind in Townsville?

The Mulkadee festival is the only event of its kind and allows students from Year 4 to Year 12 in the Townsville Diocese to participate in artistic workshops led by professional instructors in the areas of choir, dance, drama, brand, guitar and strings … POSE – A celebration of Wearable Art.

What do they do at Wonderland in Townsville?

Wonderland Spiegeltent Festival Hub is a pop-up arts and entertainment playground for all ages. Presenting world-class cabaret, music, comedy, circus and more as part of the North ...

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