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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the 5 year old die in Townsville?

A Queensland prison escapee is back behind bars tonight after almost a week on the run, his escapade brought to an end after he was caught hooning through Townsville in an allegedly stolen car. A five-year-old has died after being hit riding his bike in a road accident in Townsville, Qld.

Why was there a lock down in Townsville?

Local tourism operators have been hit hard during the 3-day lockdown and COVID-19 outbreaks down south. Visitor numbers were severely impacted during the school holidays and... Police are calling on the public to help identify a man captured on security footage, following an armed robbery of a Rasmussen tobacconist.

Who is the 16 year old arrested in Townsville?

A man has been charged after a 66-year-old woman was allegedly dragged into bushes and sexually assaulted in suburban Townsville. A 16-year-old girl has been arrested after allegedly stabbing a teacher and a student at a special school in North Queensland.

Why is it not safe to drive in Townsville?

Shocking video of youth crime rampages in the north Queensland city of Townsville has shown the extent of the problem confronting police, as parents claim it's not safe to drive there anymore. The 11-year-old girl was tasered by police during the alleged incident.

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