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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Townsville located in Powerpuff Girls Z?

This set of coordinates in real life would place Townsville in the Pacific Ocean, several hundred kilometers southeast of Japan. In the dub of Powerpuff Girls Z, Townsville is renamed New Townsville (in the original show it is just Tokyo).

Where does PPG Paints, Coatings and coatings operate?

With headquarters in Pittsburgh, we operate and innovate in more than 70 countries. We serve customers in construction, consumer products, industrial and transportation markets and aftermarkets. To learn more, visit

Is there a Townsville in the real world?

Townsville is also the name of a city which actually exists in the real world: Townsville, Queensland, Australia. There is also a Townsville in North Carolina, the United States, however it is not a city, but rather an unincorporated community in Vance County.

Which is the second largest city in Townsville?

Citiesville is the second largest in the county, also by population and land area. This city is most famous for an active volcano found in Townsville Central Park (which would later become the base for Mojo Jojo 's observatory). The city is also famous for crime rates, giant monster attacks, day-savings, Little Tokyo district, and taffy.

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