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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the city of Townsville in Australia?

The City of Townsville is an Australian local government area (LGA) located in North Queensland, Australia. It encompasses the city of Townsville, together with the surrounding rural areas, to the south are the communities of Alligator Creek, Woodstock and Reid River, and to the north are Northern Beaches and Paluma,...

What do you need to know about Townville?

Townville is a cute city building game from Sparkling Society, where your only goal is to build the city of your dreams. You get a whole island to do it and lots of different buildings that will make your town unique and appealing. You can invite more citizens by constructing houses, cottages, and other housing edifices.

Who are the traditional owners of Townsville Australia?

The Wulgurukaba claim to be the traditional owners of the Townsville city area; the Bindal had a claim struck out by the Federal Court of Australia in 2005. James Cook visited the Townsville region on his first voyage to Australia in 1770, but did not actually land there. Cook named nearby Cape Cleveland, Cleveland Bay and Magnetic (al) Island.

Who are the members of Townsville City Council?

No councillors were elected from the rival centre-right Jayne Arlett's team, nor were any independents, effectively creating an undivided council. In April 2020, Cr Mark Molachino was unanimously appointed deputy mayor. Cr. Jenny Hill

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