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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get virtual reality goggles in Australia?

Selected centre's across Australia are offering VR Cardboard Goggles for use with your smart phone. See your local centre's event page for details regarding Santa Photos and how you can collect your VR Cardboard Goggles. Stockland invites you into the world of Virtual Reality...

What's the mission of virtual reality in Australia?

Virtual Reality Content Production is a fine art and involves skills with expertise with this ever evolving technology. Our mission is to service you with the best, custom built VR experiences, to amplify your impact on your valued customers whatever the application and occasion.

Is there a kingpin crown for virtual reality?

Available Kingpin Crown. Koliseum Table Soccer VR brings the classic game loved by people across generations into the modern gaming field. This VR experience merges the familiar actions of table soccer with high tech VR visuals and gameplay designed to bring people together.

What can you do with virtual reality at Westfield?

Hyundai – i30 VR World: Giving the customers the ability to test out the latest features of the new release model car before it was commercially available. Westfield Shopping Centre – Kids Snow Throw: Interactive activation during the Christmas holidays, where children versed each other is a virtual snow ball throwing competition.

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