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Frequently Asked Questions

What foods are served at Watermark in Townsville?

Served in an iron pot sizzling with olive oil, garlic & chilli & flamed with dry sherry. Served with garlic bread.

Where to go on a Friday night in Townsville?

Parking can be a little tricky on Friday or Saturday nights- try Mitchell street if stuck! There is a restaurant area, and a bar area, separated by a walkway. Both have indoor and outdoor seating, the bar area has either stools or casual tables. Both are quite loud and buzzing on the weekend.

Where does watermark from Darling Downs come from?

From Darling Downs QLD, this Angus bred cut delivers a smooth, close grained texture, providing tenderness and flavour, enhancing it's ageing. A taste sensation!

What kind of curry is served at Watermark?

Tender cubes of lamb shoulder in a slow cooked succulent curry with saffron and traditional spices. Served with rice.

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