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Frequently Asked Questions

What are aftermarket accessories for the Toyota 4Runner?

From shift knobs to skid plates, accessories will give you the driving experience you want. Aftermarket accessories are the finishing details that make your 4Runner unique. With aftermarket accessories, you can customize your 4Runner in so many ways.

What size are the shift knobs on a TRD shift lever?

TRD shift knobs fit on any M12 x 1.25 metric Toyota shift lever. Aftermarket Shift Knobs: Take a look at the Ellis Precision knobs (

Is the 5th Gen 4Runner TRD right for You?

When you purchase a 4Runner, you are buying a quality vehicle. There are a few options out there for your 5th Gen as well. If you find that the TRD intake is not the right fit for you, take a look at the K&N as well as the aFe Intake.

What are the best off-road lights for a Toyota 4Runner?

Whatever lights you are equipping your 4Runner with, you don’t want to go cheap. Going the cheap route with electrical components in your car is a recipe for disaster. Another great option for off-road lights are the KC HiLiTES ditch lights along with the KC FLEX light bar.

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