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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a DIY for the front lower valance on a 4Runner?

If Brenan’s 4Runner has caught your eye, here is a DIY for the front lower valance. In my opinion, it gives it more of the “Stormtrooper” look, especially for the trendy black on white 4Runners. First thing’s first, you need to have a front bumper lower valance to the color of your liking.

Where can I buy a front bumper valance?

You can buy the front lower valance on eBay, or your local Toyota dealership. I bought two, one to play with in silver, and one in black. These bumper valances typically do not come with the bumper clips, so you need to purchase these separately.

How do you attach a valence to a 4R bumper?

Then, pull the drill bit out and insert the other 3” screw through the license plate holder, valence, and into the bumper. Locate the two screws for the license plate. Insert them through the license plate and into the two existing holes on the front of the license plate holder. The top of the valence is now securely attached to the 4R bumper.

How do I add black vinyl to the front bumper?

Appropriately drill the bumper enough that the front lower valance will fit well. After the holes are drilled and fitting is finished, It is time to add black vinyl BEHIND the valance, and ON the front bumper. Next is a little tricky. I used a piece of vinyl 1 foot wide (vinyl sticker measures approximately 3 feet tall.

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