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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a Toyota 4Runner aftermarket bumper?

Free Shipping! If you need a new Toyota 4Runner aftermarket bumper, Bumper Superstore is the place for you! With our amazing collection of 4Runner off road bumpers, front bumper, rear bumpers and more, you will never need to look anywhere else!

What kind of grille guard does a Toyota 4Runner use?

Toyota 4-Runner Grille Guards & Bull Bars steel-guard your front end to protect against harm. Forged from rugged steel, Toyota 4-Runner Grille Guards & Bull Bars stop dangerous elements from damaging your front end. Find the very best grille guards and bull bars for your 4-Runner at AutoAnything.

Can I upgrade my 2001 4Runner to a brush guard?

Whichever model year or style you're shopping for, be it a 2001 4Runner brush guard or full grille guard, don't stop there with your upgrade project. There are a couple of other accessories that work well with bull bars. Start with a set of running boards, like our 2010 4Runner running boards.

What is the best rear bumper guard for a car?

Double Layer Rear Bumper Guard by Black Horse®. Bumper protection has never been easier. This great accessory will guard your plastic rear bumper from a runaway shopping cart or more extensive damage caused by another car. The unit is... 3" Bull Bar with Skid Plate by Vanguard Off-Road®.

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