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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a winch mount weigh on a 4Runner?

It features 3/4″ welds through shackle mounts along with a 10,000lb winch mount capacity. The bumper itself only weighs 55/60Lbs. SSO created this original add-on (pictured above) which allows you to keep the factory look of your 4Runner while gaining about 12″ of additional clearance over the OEM plastics at the tires.

What kind of Bumper does a 2014 Toyota 4Runner have?

The 2014+ 4Runner Hybrid bumper is a unique combination of a plate steel center with round tube on the sides and can be customized in three different versions. This design allows you to achieve a “lighter” look while gaining the ability to mount a winch, LED light bar and multiple combinations of fog lighting in the tube area.

What is a slimline hybrid winch bumper?

Southern Style OffRoad’s slimline hybrid bumpers are our unique creation of low-profile winch bumpers for 4Runner, Tacoma and Tundra. Lightweight and stout, this is not your average bumper. Our slimline hybrid is only partial, so you can keep the factory look of your truck.

What kind of winch mount do I need for a Tacoma?

The WARN Semi Hidden Kit is ideal for fifth-generation Toyota 4Runner and third-generation Toyota Tacoma owners looking to have a hidden winch mount, but also a level of protection to the front of the vehicle.

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