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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Toyota release 2022?

The 2022 Toyota RAV4 has no official release date, but fleet order guides indicate that we may see the popular crossover arrive sometime in late 2021. The 2022 RAV4’s pricing is also not available. With no big changes in the works, we expect its MSRP to remain close to the current model at $27,425 to $37,155 (destination fees included).

What is Toyota Sports Car?

Toyota Sports 800. The Toyota Sports 800 is Toyota's first production sports car. The prototype for the Sports 800, called the Publica Sports, debuted at the 1962 Tokyo Auto Show, featuring a space age sliding canopy and utilizing the 21 kW (28 hp) power train of the Publica 700, a Japanese market economy car.

What is Toyota company?

Toyota Motor North America headquarters is located in Plano, Texas, and operates as a holding company in North America. Its manufacturing headquarters is located in Erlanger, Kentucky, and is known as Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America.

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