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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does a 2011 Toyota Prius need an oil change?

7 Answers. , Toyota Expert / Lexus Senior "Perfectionist Basterd" Master Automobile Technician. According to the manual, Toyota 2011 Prius Warranty and Maintenance Guide, your 2011 Toyota Prius requires an engine oil and filter change every 10,000 miles, if using 0W-20 synthetic oil, or every 5,000 miles if using anything else.

What to do if your Prius has low oil pressure?

Motivx Pro Tip: Start your Prius and let the engine run for a few seconds to build oil pressure and fill the oil filter. Then shut off your engine and top off the oil, checking the dipstick until it is at the full mark. Then re-install the oil cap and lower the hood.

How do I remove the oil cap from my Prius?

If you are using a car lift: Wait to lift the car until you complete the following steps. Prius on car lift at a self serve garage. Opening hood and removing oil cap. Set the parking brake and pull the hood release. Open the hood of the car and set the hood prop rod in place to keep it open. Locate the oil cap and remove it.

How do I change the oil filter on my Toyota Corolla?

Replace the paper filter cartridge and the large o-ring at the base of the filter cap threads. Take a bead of fresh oil on your finger and apply it to the large o-ring. Tighten the oil filter on by hand and get it firmly snug. You can then use the oil filter wrench to make sure it is snug, but be very careful not to over-tighten the housing.

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