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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AWD in Toyota Sienna?

Built on an extended platform of the Toyota Camry, the Sienna was appropriately marketed as the "Camry of minivans," capitalizing on the Camry's popularity and reputation. It is named for the Italian city of Siena, in the region of Tuscany. It came in three trim levels, CE, LE, and XLE.

What gas does Toyota Sienna use?

Toyota recommends premium fuel to boost horsepower and performance. The Toyota Sienna's engine is optimized for gasoline with octane ratings of 91 or 92.

How much does a Toyota Sienna weigh?

The Toyota Sienna's curb weight will vary, depending upon the trim level and engine options you select. Based on the choices available, the curb weights are: LE 4dr Minivan w/8-Passenger (3.5L 6cyl CVT) - 4610 pounds LE 4dr Minivan AWD w/7-Passenger (3.5L 6cyl CVT) - 4655 pounds

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