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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the new Toyota Sienna woodland edition come out?

Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition The new Toyota Sienna is leveling up for 2022, thanks to the new Sienna Woodland Special Edition. Featuring adventure-ready, rugged styling and a standard Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive System with increased ground clearance, the new edition will help drivers tackle outdoor adventures with confidence.

What's the name of the new Toyota Sienna?

Called the Woodland Edition, it features standard all-wheel drive, a slightly raised suspension setup, and a bundle of accessories including a roof rack, a tow hitch, and a power outlet. The 2022 Sienna Woodland Edition's all-wheel-drive setup is the same as what's optional for all Sienna trim levels.

What are the colors of the Toyota Sienna?

The new Toyota Sienna Woodland Special Edition, in the available exterior colors Cement (exclusive to the Sienna Woodland Edition) or Midnight Black Metallic, offers a beautifully distinctive exterior and premium interior styling with the versatile features one would expect from the fourth generation Sienna.

Is the Toyota Sienna all wheel drive in 2022?

The 2022 Toyota Sienna is getting a lifted, all-wheel-drive model dubbed the Woodland Special Edition. This revival of the jacked-up minivan concept packs some nice adventuring goodies along with some popular premium content from the run-of-the-mill Sienna .

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