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Frequently Asked Questions

Is tracert just like ping?

The command traces the path that a TCP/IP packet takes towards a destination target and shows some information (if available) of the routing nodes within this path. Just like the "ping" command , "tracert" sends also ICMP echo packets to the destination with varying Time-to-Live (TTL) values.

Why is tracert used?

The tracert command is used to see a network packet being sent and received, as well as the number hops required for that packet to get to its destination.

What port does tracert use?

Traceroute is a linux/Unix or some OS based.Traceroute uses specific port for its operation. Traceroute uses UDP 33434 to33534 port for echo request (Type8) Tracert uses ICMP. For windows you can use another command "pathping' that will also show all the hops with detail information.

What causes tracert "request timed out"?

Tracert command always return Request timed out. On your home pc you need to check you firewall or you anti virus settings disable both of them if you have both activated thne reboot your home pc and give it a go. its is normaly spy ware or security software that causes a tracert to time out.

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