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Frequently Asked Questions

How to login as deductor in traces website?

Go to the TRACES website. The home page of TRACES will appear on the screen. Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed further. Click on ‘ Login ‘ under the tab Login at the top of the left navigation bar or in the header row

How to register and login on TDs traces website?

1 Login to TDS – CPC portal 2 Click ‘Login’ to go to the login screen. 3 Enter Login ID and Password i.e. ... 4 The login has only ‘Profile menu’ activated, click on Profile menu. 5 Provide the details of the deductor such as PAN No., Date of birth, etc. ... 6 Confirm the detail in the confirmation screen and click on submit. More items...

How can I Change my user ID on traces?

Yes, you can change your user Id on TRACES by going on the home page and selecting the fourth option of “Forgot User Id” under login on the left-hand side. Why a Taxpayer or PAO shall login TRACES? A taxpayer i.e. the person whose tax has been deducted or PAO can log in TRACES for

How to register as tax payer on traces website?

Step-1: Go to the TRACES website and click on the “Register as new ” link to access the option to register as Deductor, Tax Payer or PAO. Step-2: If you click on the Tax Payer link shown above, you will be directed to the following page:

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